Reality Check

How Immersive Technologies Can Transform Your Business

Discover THE next big competitive advantage in business: learn how augmented and virtual reality can put your business ahead.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are part of a new wave of immersive technologies that offer huge opportunities for businesses, across industries and regardless of their size. Most people think of AR or VR as a new development in video gaming like Pokémon GO, or an expensive marketing campaign by the Nikes of the world. The truth is, businesses of any size can put these new technologies to immediate use in areas that include:

  • Learning and development
  • Remote collaboration and assistance
  • Visualization of remote assets and environments
  •  Sales and marketing
  • Consumer behavior research

Reality Check dispels the common misconceptions of AR and VR, such as them being too expensive or not easily scalable, and details how business leaders can integrate them into their business to deliver more efficient, impactful and cost-effective business solutions. The up and coming voice of AR and VR for businesses, Jeremy Dalton, uses case studies from organizations all over the world including Cisco, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, La Liga and Vodafone to showcase the practical uses of immersive technologies.

Reality Check makes cutting-edge technology accessible and grounds them into the everyday workings of normal businesses. It is your one-stop non-technical guide to incredibly exciting new technologies that will deliver results.

Praise for the book

Jeremy Dalton has been at the very forefront of immersive technologies over the past decade and is a global thought leader on its potential impact on our society. This brilliant book encompasses his deep knowledge, personal unique insights and extensive experience to contextualize the potential benefits of XR for business.”

-Professor Shafi Ahmed, Advisor in Digital Health Transformation and Innovation, Department of Health Abu Dhabi and Faculty Member, Harvard Medical School

“If you’re looking for an easily digestible but comprehensive guide to the commercial benefits of immersive technologies, and how to execute those projects well, you’ll find this in Jeremy Dalton’s Reality Check. Having built a global VR/AR business over the past five years, providing immersive content solutions to many of the world’s leading brands and enterprises, I am yet to come across a guide that takes a vast range of use cases and practical challenges and distills them as neatly as Reality Check. I have no doubt that it will become the handbook for both the experienced and the as-yet uninitiated reader.”

-Damian Collier, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Blend Media

“This is the most comprehensive evidence-based review of using immersive technologies in a business context that I have read. Jeremy Dalton encompasses all the different variations and uses of XR giving a pragmatic and informative review of each, the pros and cons and even some top tips. If you are already on your XR journey or looking to start then this is a must-read. Jeremy Dalton has cut through all the hype and clickbait and given a practitioner’s view of the industry with fantastic use cases that can only aid you in your thinking and development needs.”

-Marco Faccini FLPI, Chief Executive Officer, Silkroad Edtech and Non-Executive Director, Digitalnauts

Jeremy Dalton has gone and done what the XR sector has needed for a long time; created an incredibly informative, easy to read, accessible and valuable guide to XR technology. Only someone with his level of insight, knowledge and passion for the sector could deliver such a clear and succinct summary of what you need to know when working in AR and VR and brings people into the conversation rather than isolate them. A must-read for those who wish to know more about this evolutionary technology and how it can enhance and add value to the business, and our lives, now and into the future.”

-Fiona Kilkelly, Founder of Immerse UK and Chairperson of Eirmersive

Reality Check is the roadmap that the industry urgently needs. Immersive technologies will change all corners of the commercial world, and every leader needs to understand how and why this technology will transform their business. Jeremy Dalton has produced the guide to our ‘virtual’ future that should be essential reading for anyone who cares about technology and the future of the global economy.”

-Mark Mon-Williams, Director of the Centre for Immersive Technologies, University of Leeds and Turing Fellow, Alan Turing Institute, London

“Jeremy cannot only see into different realities, he can also see into the future with his timely and comprehensive guide to the available technologies that enable you to transform consuming digital information in our new normal. Amazing insights. Start reading now and check you don’t stop until the real end!”

-Professor Eddie Obeng, Founder, The Virtual Business School and Inventor, QUBE-SuperReality

Reality Check is a great read, written by one of the world-leading immersive technology experts. The book works if you know very little about AR/VR technology or if you are already active in its deployment and business use. Full of cases studies of actual implementations, clear explanations of the jargon used in the industry and covering both the business and deployment benefits and challenges. Reality Check is a must-read for everyone interested in understanding how XR will help their business!”

-Mark Sage, Executive Director, Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)

About the author

Jeremy leads PwC’s VR/AR team, helping clients understand, quantify, and implement the benefits of virtual reality and augmented reality technology (sometimes collectively referred to as XR, immersive technologies or spatial computing).

He helped formally advise UK XR startups on the business and legal aspects of the technology in a publicly available report entitled ‘Growing VR/AR Companies in the UK’. In his ‘Seeing is Believing’ report, Jeremy released an analysis on the global economic impact of XR through to 2030. He is also the author of the ‘XR in industry’ analysis which examines commercial users of XR technology, the data of which is available on a web-based interactive map and dashboard.

As a regular contributor to a greater understanding of XR technology, Jeremy has written professionally published books and given talks all over the world on the subject. He and his work have been featured in the media on radio, newspapers and online with The Financial Times, The Economist, the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, and The Times.

As part of his mission to educate, connect and inspire, he has worked with organizations like the World Economic Forum on XR initiatives and currently sits on the advisory board of Immerse UK, a UK government-supported cross-sector network for businesses, research groups and educational organizations that are engaged with immersive technologies.

He also happens to be a Chartered Accountant (but prefers not to advertise that too loudly!).

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