Inkhunter uses Augmented Reality to makes the decision of getting a new tattoo a little easier

Have you thought about getting a tattoo, but wanted to know what it would look like first? Many tattoo artists will do temporary tattoos or stencils so you can see how it would look before you get it for real. However, these stencils last hours at most, and for a lifelong decision like a tattoo, you might need more time.

This app makes the decision a little easier. Ink Hunter lets you try out different pieces from its gallery of pre-made sketches, or you can upload your own. You simply draw a smiley face on the area you want your tattoo, point your phone’s camera, and the tattoo will be overlaid onto your skin. With this, you’ll know how a tattoo will look before you get it inked.

Because you need to draw a flat-lined emoji face on the skin before you get it inked permanently on your skin. Then comes the AR tech, which uses your mobile camera to position and overlay what might be your future tattoo. So you’re peeking through your smartphone screen at an alternative tattooed you.

Ink Hunter lets you snap a photo of your AR tattoo for future reference or to share with your friends for a second opinion. The app also provides tools to edit the photo and allows users to share the final image of their future tattoo directly via social media. It also includes a blur effect which seemingly mimics what your tattoo might look like after some years. For instance, when the lines aren’t quite so furiously defined.

Download the app for Android here and iOS here.

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