MIT Media Lab spinoff Augmental, is an innovative hardware startup focused on creating human-first experiences that enhance everyday interactions with digital devices and interfaces. The team’s first product is the MouthPad^, a tongue-controlled touchpad designed to explore the digital world hands-free.

The MouthPad^ aims to improve interactions with smartphones, tablets, computers, IoT, and more with a customized Bluetooth controller worn across the roof of your mouth. The MouthPad^ is a smart dental retainer that enables wireless computer control using just your tongue, providing expressive hands-free interaction that is invisible to the world, yet always available to you.

Beyond helping people with limited hand-motor control, the MouthPad^ allows anybody to fluently interact with computers without using their hands, whether in industrial settings such as surgery, labs, and factories or for leisure, such as when using wearables such as audio and visual AR interfaces.

For more information, please visit us at, sign up for updates, and follow Augmental on our social channels via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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