Aurelia Edwards uses augmented reality to create press-on nails

Aurelia Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Nailstry. As a licensed massage therapist with a master’s degree in cosmetic science, it isn’t surprising that her career in wellness has been influential in creating a beauty tech company.

Inspired by a wedding and 2 missing press-on nails, Nailstry was developed to fill in the gap between accessibility and nail sizing in the press-on nail industry.

Nailstry’s journey started as Tips Nail Store, a pop-up shop in New York City’s iconic West Village. This interactive concept store manually sized customers before they discovered and shopped custom-designed nail art from our partnered nail designers and artists.

The demand for an online presence prompted the build out of an app-based marketplace that integrated a virtual sizing solution.

Since the launch of Nailstry in March 2020, Aurelia has been awarded grants to support the platform’s growth and development from PayPal, Brown Girl Jane x Shea Moisture x Vaseline, iFundWomen x Visa and most recently Facebook.

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