Positive Impact of SIC Programme on lives of Two Female, WSU Students

Two young ladies from the second cohort of Walter Sisulu University (WSU) students who, through the Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC), were the first to graduate in AI have had the opportunity to share their experience from the programme.

Tshililo Mungoni, a 21-year old female student originally from Limpopo but resides in Johannesburg, was very eager to pursue her passion for technology. She followed her interest by enrolling at WSU and majored in Software Development. During her time there, she actively participated in hackathons and IT Society in an effort to hone her skills and expand her knowledge.

When she found out about the WSU-SIC programme, she was very interested. Tshililo said that she signed up for the programme to learn about Python and AI. This is because she was well aware of the list of high-demand jobs in the local market. The opportunity to learn ICT skills from this WSU-SIC programme and earn recognised certificates was highly appealing to her. Tshililo was lucky enough to be taught by some of WSU’s most experienced instructors and mentors who were able to offer her a structured, guided and supported learning approach.

During the programme, she learnt the fundamentals of Python programming and gained a solid understanding of AI concepts such as machine learning and neural networks. Tshililo who acquired high-demand ICT skills and graduated in February this year, has already secured an internship opportunity as a Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst with a company that is based in Sunninghill, Johannesburg.

She expressed how grateful she is for the opportunity and the skills that she’s obtained from the WSU-SIC programme. Tshililo believes that her experience in the programme prepared her for her current work environment. She is now able to apply the technical skills in Python that she learnt from the programme, in real work scenarios. And with her certificates from the WSU-SIC programme, she is now also able to showcase her proficiency.

For Tshililo, the programme did not only allow her to gain practical experience but it also opened doors for further advancement in the IT industry. Her future plans she said:

“involve studying further and expanding my knowledge in Business and Data Analysis as well as potentially pursuing more opportunities in this field.”

Another young and bright 22-year old who is born and bred in East London, Somila Mdletshe comes from a diverse background with a passion for technology and innovation. Even before joining the WSU-SIC programme, Somila had a keen interest in AI and its applications in various industries.

Somila signed up for the programme because she was fascinated by Coding and Artificial Intelligence especially, and its potential to drive positive change. She saw the programme as an opportunity to deepen her understanding of the field and acquire practical skills that would enable her to make meaningful contribution in society.

She believes that the WSU-SIC programme has empowered her with valuable skills and knowledge that she can apply to solve real-world problems. For example, she is already using AI and data analysis techniques to optimise processes in her family’s business. Also, she is convinced that she can use her skills to contribute to community projects that can benefit from technological advancements.

Throughout this programme, she added:

“I’ve learned a wide range of concepts and techniques, from basic coding, machine learning and neural networks to data analysis and natural language processing. I’ve also developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential in the fast-paced world of technology.”

Somila’s future plans involve leveraging the knowledge and skills that she’s gained from this WSU-SIC programme to pursue a fulfilling career in the world of technology. She aims to contribute to projects and initiatives that harness the power of AI and data science to drive innovation and make a positive impact in society.

“My future plans also include making sure that I continue to learn so that I can stay updated with the latest advancements in technology. I believe that this will help to further advance my career and achieve my goals,” 

concluded Somila.

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