Lenovo reports industry-leading women in tech roles

Lenovo has published its 18th annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, further demonstrating its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen with a vision to provide smarter technology for all.

In this year’s report, the global technology powerhouse shared its progress toward 2030 emissions reduction goals, increased participation in the circular economy, industry-leading representation of women in technical roles increased employee volunteerism, and proactive governance of AI as it works to become the leading provider and enabler of smarter AI.  

“AI has brought unprecedented opportunities over the last year,”

shared Yuanqing Yang, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo.

“It is clear that AI will be a major priority and influence in our business for years to come and we recognize our duty to leverage this technology to improve the lives of people around the world while minimizing its impact on the planet.”

Lenovo first announced its smarter AI for all vision at Lenovo Tech World in October 2023.

Since then, Lenovo has launched an AI-enabled solution for real-time tracking of its manufacturing emissions, an AI-powered engine to give customers insights on their IT emissions, and numerous social impact initiatives to support communication for people with hearing losspreserve the voice of an individual suffering from ALS, connect non-profits to trusted resources for AI, and ensure its own AI solutions are reviewed for inclusion and accessibility, among other responsible AI factors. 

The proactive governance in place for the quickly emerging AI field underscores Lenovo’s long-standing commitment to governance across its environmental affairs and social impact programs. Lenovo is in the first group of companies to have its near-zero targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative’s Net-Zero Standard and is on-track to meet the first milestone in its journey to net-zero: near-term 2030 emissions reduction goals.

The company has made progress towards its 2030 goals to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50%, and Scope 3 emissions intensities by 66.5% from purchased goods and services, 35% from sold products, and 25% from upstream transportation and distribution.   

Lenovo continues to increase its participation in the circular economy, increasing use of sustainable materials and asset recycling and disposal. Since 2017, Lenovo has grown its reuse and recycling of products by nearly 40% through its product take-back programs.

Lenovo has reused or recycled more than 94,000 metric tons of products¹ through PELM programs² – Since 2020 – the same weight as 87 million ThinkPads. 

In addition to environmental impact, Lenovo is working to increase diversity, inclusion, and access to technology internally and externally.

Lenovo has reported 29% representation of women in technical roles in this year’s report, leading the industry in women’s representation on technical teams.

Lenovo continues its pursuit of increasing diversity in its executive ranks, working to reach 27% women representation around the world and 35% representation of historically excluded talent in the U.S. by FY2025/26.

With customers in 180 markets around the world, diversity has always been core to Lenovo’s business success “Workforce diversity not only supports stronger solutions to problems, but it helps us better meet the needs of our diverse, global customer base,” shared Laura Quatela, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal and Corporate Responsibility Officer for Lenovo.  

Lenovo is focused on sharing its smarter technology with the community and reported USD $21M in philanthropic impact around the world. Lenovo’s global employee base is core to this mission, with employee volunteerism increasing by 40% during the annual Love on Month of Service in 2023.

Lenovo’s philanthropic work underscores the company’s smarter technology for all vision and smarter AI for all focus through initiatives like the AI for Social Impact webinar series, Ashoka changemakers partnership, and partnerships localized to meet the needs of communities around the world.  

Lenovo’s ESG experts align its corporate strategy to various frameworks and standards, and is honored to be recognized by leading ratings, rankings, and indices throughout the year.  

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