Sendmarc offers solution to protect domains against fraudsters

Founded in 2018, Sendmarc was born from the simple desire of its founders, Sam Hutchinson, Keith Thompson and Sacha Matulovic to help make the internet safer. The trio wanted to make it normal for people to have complete confidence, when communicating, transacting and connecting, that the email they received was in fact the ‘real thing’ and not sent by an impersonator, imposter or fraudster.

They have purposely pursued a single product focus so that all their energy is directed towards building the best engineered, easiest and fastest to deploy product. This approach also enables them to concentrate on rapid innovation and iteration to make their product always better than any other on the market. And it ensures that customers receive real expertise from a team who are fully committed to guaranteeing that only real emails from customers will reach an inbox.

Sendmarc is helping make the internet safer for everyone and restoring user trust, by helping make the inbox a safer place.

Sendmarc ensures that your most important business communication tool will be the safest guardian of your reputation, email will arrive where you want it to, and your name is continually protected from fraudulent use through proactive monitoring of your email ecosystem.

Using Sendmarc what arrives in an inbox is always the real thing. You and your reputation have guaranteed protection from impersonators, fraudsters and attackers. You can be fully confident that any email received bearing your identity has been verified as authentic.

Sendmarc identifies real email and stops fake emails so you don’t have to worry.

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