Experience your First Love with Samsung Galaxy A04s

The Samsung Galaxy A04s, A04 and A04e were designed for this exact purpose; to capture all your unforgettable firsts, whether that be your 21st, your wedding, your graduation, or the arrival of your first child. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that now your first loves can stay with you always thanks to the power and abilities of the Galaxy A04s, A04 and A04e series.

Built to Impress

The Galaxy A04s comes with 50MP High-Resolution impressive Triple-camera so that you’re set to capture all your firsts in clear and bright pictures, while A04 and A04e come with a Dual Camera, a 5MP selfie unit and a 2MP depth sensor, but the primary camera gets a megapixel bump from 48MP to 50MP. These features allow incredible effects to be added to your content. What’s more is the sleek and stylish A04e which bursts with many features that offer you a satisfying mobile experience.

But that’s not all! With 5 000 battery power, you can spend two whole days creating cherished memories without worrying about your battery life after just one charge, no matter which of the A04 series devices you decide to fall in love with. An added bonus, each device has enough storage space to store your adventures from start to finish.

Levelling Up

It’s time to maximise your view with a 6.5-inch Infinity-V Display on the Galaxy A04s so that you can see what you’ve been missing. And thanks to HD+ Infinity-V display resolution technology, your everyday content will now offer you an immersive viewing experience with sharper, crisper and clearer photos. With the Galaxy A04s, A04 and A04e on your side, those epic first and share-worthy selfies will stay with you forever, never changing, always staying the same, just as you experienced them.

Setting Trends

Behold the comfortable, sleek curves of the Galaxy A04s, A04 and A04e’s seamless design. Each phone combines streamlined aesthetics with classic colours, allowing you to choose from black and green hues so that you can witness the trend-setting power of a phone that is built not just for function but also for style too. While you’re busy turning heads with your unique fashion sense as you go about creating memories, your phone should be doing so too.

For R2 999, your next first love can be captured on the Galaxy A04s and for just R2 499, the Galaxy A04 can be yours. But for just R1999, your first Galaxy love could be the Galaxy A04e.

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