Daraiha Greene is the Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at Google

Daraiha J. Greene is the Global Manager of External Community Affairs for the Women & Black Community Engagement team at Google. She develops relationships with external organizations, influencers, key opinion formers, as well as media and entertainment executives. She also manages the Digital Coaches Program at Google, which accelerates opportunities for entrepreneurs of color and diverse communities by expanding their access to Google tools.

Daraiha also enjoys her time spent shifting the narrative of computer science (CS) in mainstream media as the Head of Multicultural Engagement for Google’s CS in Media initiative, a role she created to ensure inclusive and intersectional representation of computer scientists on-screen.

Because of her artistic background as a professional dancer and actress, Daraiha began Google’s ‘CS+X’ series, which highlights the intersections between computer science and artistic industries, including music, dance, fashion, sports, and theater. She developed the Google-funded web series, GODCOMPLX, to showcase inclusive portrayals of computer scientists. Daraiha led a partnership with Campus MovieFest to create Infinite Deviation, a platform hosting CS-themed shorts and mobile games targeting various demographics.

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