Adora Nwodo is a Software Engineer from Nigeria

Nenne Adaora Nwodo professionally known as Adora Nwodo is a Software Engineer working in Lagos, Nigeria. With a First Class Computer Science degree from the University of Lagos, Adora has a strong Software Engineering background. Adora enjoys building innovative technology on the cloud.

She is currently build Mixed Reality technology on the cloud at Microsoft. In 2018, she created a blog called AdoraHack where she publishes articles on Software development.

AdoraHack also has a YouTube channel where she puts out tech video content. Adora is extremely passionate about the developer community. She is the co-founder of unStack Africa and a VP at the VRAR Association Nigeria. She also contributes to open source, speaks at conferences worldwide and mentors developers whenever possible.

In March 2021, I won the Young CISO Network Excellence in Disruptive Technology, Cloud and Embedded Device Security Award for my work in building and advocating for Disruptive Technology on the Cloud.

In October 2021, I published my first book called Cloud Engineering for Beginners. You can get the book here.

My non-tech passion includes education & music. I believe everyone should be given a chance at basic education.

In tech, I am a huge fan of great mobile experiences driven by AI. At a tech event, you’d probably find me in a booth with a VR headset on, or trying to play a game (and possibly failing at it).

– Adora Nwodo.

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