The NFT Handbook

How to Create, Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens

The NFT Handbook is a detailed guide on how to create, sell and buy non-fungible tokens without the need for any technical background. Learn exactly what NFTs are, how they evolved, and why they have value. The NFT Handbook delves into the different types and aspects of NFTs and discusses the different NFT marketplaces and the pros and cons of each.

Create Your Own NFTs:

Step-by-step instructions on all aspects of NFT creation, including what types of content to use, where to source content, adding artistic design, writing the NFT’s description, adding optional unlockable content and setting an optional ongoing royalty.

Mint Your NFTs:

You’ll learn the process of how to get your NFTs on the blockchain.

Sell Your NFTs:

We’ll go through the whole process including creating a collection, and the different options such as setting a price or starting an auction.

Buy NFTs:

What you’ll need to bid on and purchase NFTs, and how to avoid getting scammed.

You’ll also get a primer on blockchain, particularly the Ethereum cryptocurrency and “gas” fees. You’ll also be shown step by step how to create, secure and fund your own cryptocurrency wallet, where you’ll store your NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Whether you’re experienced with the blockchain and crypto or a complete noob (beginner), The NFT Handbook will guide you in the process of creating, minting, selling and buying NFTs.

About the Authors

QuHarrison Terry

QuHarrison Terry is a growth marketer at Mark Cuban Companies, a Dallas, Texas venture capital firm, where he advises and assists portfolio companies with their marketing strategies and objectives. Previously, he led marketing at Redox, focusing on lead acquisition, new user experience, events, and content marketing. QuHarrison has been featured on CNN, Huffington Post, Xconomy, Cointelegraph, MobiHealth News, MedCity News, and many others.

As a speaker and moderator QuHarrison has presented at CES, SXSW, TEDx, Marquette University, and the Open Data Science Conference. QuHarrison is a 4x recipient of Linkedin’s top voices in Technology award.

His past work includes:

  • Author of The NFT Handbook – a detailed guide on how to create, sell and buy non-fungible tokens without the need for a technical background.
  • Global Spokesman for BMW – a German automotive company that produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles
  • Co-founder of Inevitable/Human – the futuristic media platform and community for future thinkers
  • Co-founder of 23VIVI – the worlds first digital art marketplace powered by the blockchain
  • Serving as the Marketing Director for Redox – a healthcare data exchange platform
  • Founder of VNM USA – an advertising agency specializing in marketing to millennials.

QuHarrison attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Matt Fortnow

As someone who has founded, built, managed, and sold a successful Internet company, Matt Fortnow has been in the tech startup trenches. In 1996, he cofounded, the Internet’s first fantasy sports service. Matt grew the company, which created fantasy sports games for the NFL, Major League Baseball, CBS SportsLine, and several others, as well as international games for soccer and cricket. In 1999, he and his partners sold the company to CBS SportsLine (currently CBS Sports), which still runs their products today.

Previously, as an entertainment lawyer, Matt co-authored the 7th Edition of This Business of Music, the bible of the music industry. He’s represented a variety of musical artists, songwriters, producers, and record companies; appeared as a regularly featured copyright expert on television; and lectured internationally. An honors graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and a Cum Laude graduate of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, where he edited and wrote for the Cardozo Law Review, Matt has also written several articles on music industry issues.

Since the sale of, Matt has been consulting entrepreneurs and has been involved in various startups as an investor or advisor. Six years ago, he dove into the world of blockchain, doing business development for GameCredits (GAME). In 2018, he arranged a deal between GameCredits and FanDuel, the largest fantasy sports company, for contests throughout the FIFA World Cup. Matt is cofounder of Blockchain Guys, a premier blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy. He has become increasingly enamored by digital art and non-fungible tokens since the original CryptoKitties, and he has created the official NFTs for iconic brands such as The Three Stooges. Now Matt shares his vast NFT knowledge in The NFT Handbook (Wiley Publishing). He also recently discussed the future of NFTs on Marketing for the Now with Gary Vaynerchuk.

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