Minsar founder Soraya Jaber uses AR-VR to empower creatives

Soraya Jaber is the CEO & Co-Founder of Minsar by Opuscope SAS. If Soraya had to be defined by one thing it would be her incredible will to succeed.

She is one of the most driven people you will ever meet, but what really sets her apart is her desire to give purpose to people and use her determination for good. From a young age, Soraya has shown an exceptional ability to bring people together and unite people for a cause. She is a natural and engaging team leader with an exceptional talent for public speaking.

Today Soraya is the Vice President of the VR/AR Association of Paris, and currently mentors students at her alma mater. In 2017 she was selected for the SH/FT Program which promotes female led projects created for HoloLens. She has also made appearances on TV to speak about Minsar and share her vision.

When Soraya first launched Minsar, and started fundraising/attending business events, she remembers all the times she stood in a room surrounded by men. Today she dreams of a future where we come across as many female investors as male, and where woman-owned businesses have the same opportunities as those owned by men. She hopes to one day be an investor herself, and make the dreams of women like her come true.


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