Lenovo Joins Commitment to Responsible and Gender-Equitable Artificial Intelligence

Lenovo reinforces its commitment to accountable and gender fair artificial intelligence (AI) practices by joining the ‘Women and AI’ Charter from Cercle InterElles, a French-based meta-network of 16 companies across scientific and technological industries.

Recognizing the potential risk for bias that exists within machine learning, the pact aims to establish a set of governing principles that promote inclusion across AI development and the teams that create it.

Co-signed by representatives from Lenovo France and global leaders across AI, Diversity and Inclusion, and Cloud and Software teams, the commitment obliges organizations to evaluate, identify, and implement best practices and standards regarding AI governance, design compliance, data gathering, algorithm ethics, diversity of teams, and other awareness and accountability measures.

“The signature of this Charter by Lenovo is a strong illustration of our long-standing global commitment to diversity and inclusion and demonstrates how a locally-based initiative can become a global commitment, to be fully integrated into our policies and the very heart of our company,”

says Eric Lallier, CEO of Lenovo France.

“The development of a gender-neutral and inclusive AI, more generally, is a crucial issue for the future. Businesses have great responsibilities in this area and therefore have a major role to play.”

Lenovo’s participation, driven by Cercle InterElles members Marine Rabeyrin, Business Development Manager for Key Accounts, Lenovo EMEA, and Christine Dehnel, Business Team Transformation Manager, Lenovo Global, will center on defining governance for gender equity in its AI practices, connecting stakeholders, and aligning across the global community.

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