Tinder Expands Into Video and Social Experiences

Tinder is launching an array of new features that continue to expand the possibilities of online dating. This suite of industry-leading features includes the introduction of video within Tinder profiles, all-new social experiences that give members new ways to discover the right person, and a new Explore section that allows members to navigate by interest, activity or content type. Taken together, they lay the foundation for a deeper, richer next-generation of Tinder.

“Tinder is overwhelmingly the most popular way to make meaningful new connections around the world,”

said Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder.

“Meanwhile, a new generation of daters is asking for more from us in the post-Covid world: more ways to show off their authentic selves, more ways to have fun and interact with others virtually, and more control over who they meet on Tinder and how they communicate. They also want to date in a less linear fashion, at their own pace, and with the hope that sparks might fly with someone unexpected. Today’s launch lays down the building blocks for all of this and more – a deeper, multi-dimensional experience that expands the possibilities of Tinder as a platform.”

Tinder is announcing the first step in its video roadmap by giving members the ability to express themselves through videos in their profiles.

Video gives Gen Z a new way to tell their authentic stories and represents the evolution of Tinder into a multi-dimensional experience that mirrors what dating looks like in 2021.

Gen Z is a generation of storytellers that now represents more than 50% of Tinder’s global members, and they are prioritizing authenticity over perfection.

Discussions around mental health, boundaries, and values have grown exponentially in Gen Z’s Tinder bios, and they are candid and vulnerable about what they expect and what their boundaries are.

Gen Z is using Tinder on their terms; bios alone don’t always tell enough of the story to get to a Like or a Nope.

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