Zinacare Is An Online platform for affordable healthcare services

Zinacare is one of the leaders in home healthcare, giving South Africa access to convenient, affordable and reliable essential health services. They provide a service that is 100% accurate, discreet and non-invasive. Taking care of your health concerns by giving you the answers you need.

Their home healthcare services have democratised access to essential healthcare, by making it accessible, comfortable, and convenient. The quality and accuracy of their hassle-free, judgement-free tests is the same that you would expect from your doctor’s office.

How Zinacare works:

Health Tests:

Order your test, select from the wide range of health tests delivered straight to your door and avoid sitting in a doctor’s rooms, clinic or hospital.

Collect your sample, follow the simple steps to collect your sample on the morning of your scheduled pick-up at a time that suits your schedule.

Receive online results in days, within 24 – 48 hours of the lab receiving your sample, you will receive your secure physician reviewed digital results.

Mobile Tests:

Order a test, browse the mobile tests menu and order the mobile test that you want.

Schedule an appointment date, schedule an appointment and wait for Zinacare to arrive at your address. Avoid sitting in a doctor’s rooms, clinic, hospital, salon or spa.

Aftercare, a Zinacare agent will call you to follow up on your experience and schedule your next appointment if needed.

Virtual Consultations:

Order a test or book a mobile service, only active Zinacare customers can schedule a virtual consultation with Zinacare’s trained care team (free of charge).

Consult if you tested positive, Zinacare’s doctor will communicate every positive result to the customer telephonically.
eScripts and medication, Zinacare’s doctor can send digital prescriptions and get medication delivered after consultations.

More info on https://zinacare.com/

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