Slotegrator App Joins Forces with Claw Game Operator

Slotegrator has partnered with Clawbuster, a popular operator of classic Claw Machine games, to integrate their unique titles into their platforms, allowing operators to integrate their games in one session.

Clawbuster revitalizes conventional Claw Machine games, offering a digital spin on the arcade classic that appeals to gamers of all ages. Their games continuously increase monthly engagement across all operator platforms. Clawbuster’s significant presence in key markets such as Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States, and Asia enables our partners to reach a varied spectrum of gamers and cater to different interests.

Clawbuster’s innovative use of AI and machine learning to optimize game elements and improve the user experience is one of its most notable features. With the use of cutting-edge HTML5 technology, Clawbuster makes sure that its games function flawlessly on all platforms, enabling users to enjoy well-known games like Zombie Claw, Santa Claw, and Bonanza Ocean Claw from any location.

Clawbuster provides partners with cutting-edge technology and customized services, such as modifiable game concepts, to boost brand loyalty. Partners can change game settings to maximize player enjoyment and returns. To assist partners in efficiently managing their businesses, Clawbuster also offers free, in-the-moment gaming analytics.

Clawbuster plans to introduce real slots with bonus games and claw machine features, aiming to boost GGR by providing players with more excitement from novel mechanisms and captivating bonus games.

By utilizing Slotegrator’s APIgrator technology to integrate Clawbuster games, a platform’s game portfolio can be greatly improved, increasing player engagement and retention.

Slotegrator offers software and business solutions for online casino and sportsbook operators, focusing on software development, platform support, game content integration, and payment systems.

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