India Hayes is the founder of the tech hub Mini City

India Hayes has volunteered domestically and internationally for more than a decade. Assisting the homeless resonates personally with her because she has seen first hand the effect of homelessness on citizens of Atlanta. Hayes feels that when you empower women, whether it be within the US or overseas, an entire community is transformed.

Mothers, daughters, and female leaders carry on traditions and educating, aiding and informing women is something that Hayes believes will make a community more sustainable and holistically sound. Hayes is a firm believer in volunteer efforts being feasible, viable and most importantly desired by communities in need.

Mini City is a SaaS that obtains legal identification and life critical benefits for the homeless + homeless care providers.

  • Mini City has over 20 Partner Sites that span Metro Atlanta, servicing locations such as wellness hotels created during COVID to respond to the need to connect the homeless to services in secure settings , teams at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, and more.

  • Mini City has assisted hundreds of homeless citizens in obtaining legal forms of identification

  • Mini City has enabled over 80% of total staffing for teams like HOPE Atlanta with our software solution

  • Mini City has assisted over 60 caseworkers, program managers and directors in combatting lack of access to benefits + lack of access to vital records.

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