Perplexity AI raised a $25.6 million series A funding recently raised a $25.6 million series A funding round led by Peter Sonsini of New Enterprise Associates (Board member, Databricks) with participation from their seed round investors Elad Gil (Founder, Color Health), Nat Friedman (Former CEO of GitHub) and Bob Muglia (Former President of Microsoft), as well as new investors Susan Wojcicki (Former CEO of Youtube), Paul Buchheit (Creator of Gmail), Soleio (Designer of Messenger, Dropbox), and Databricks Ventures.

We are also grateful to our angel investors who participated in our $3.1 million seed round in September 2022, led by Elad Gil and Nat Friedman, with participation from Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley, AIX Ventures), Yann LeCun (Chief Scientist, Meta), Andrej Karpathy (Founding Member, OpenAI), Ashish Vaswani (Lead Inventor of Transformer), Amjad Masad (CEO, Replit), Clem Delangue (CEO, HuggingFace) and others.

Our long-term mission is to become the best platform for answers and information, serving as the go-to source for people seeking quick, accurate answers tailored to their asks. We envision Perplexity AI as a platform beyond a traditional search engine, evolving into a comprehensive knowledge hub where anyone can explore and learn effortlessly. In pursuit of this vision, we are committed to providing citations with every answer, providing proper attribution for sources of information and allowing for verification.

Says the company.

They are excited to expand their platform from web to mobile, with almost half of their users already accessing them via mobile web. To improve the mobile experience, they launched the Perplexity AI iPhone app. With instant answers, cited sources, voice search, follow-up questions, and thread history, the app delivers a comprehensive interface for information.

As a team, we are honored to have the support of our users and investors as we pursue our mission of redefining the way people search for and access information. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to push the limits of language models and search. The frontier of interactive possibilities is just beginning to be explored.

Says the company.

Download their iPhone app today at

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