With ClipDrop You Can Clip Real Life and Drop It in Photoshop,Figma or Canva

Users can utilize the camera on their phone to take pictures of objects in their environment and then transfer the details to a desktop screen using ClipDrop, an AR copy and paste app. Users only need to aim and tap on the object they want to capture; the program will do the rest on its own.

The app has the ability to capture anything, including people, text, and drawings. Additionally, users have the option to drag & drop data right from their desktop to another app. The most cutting-edge cut-out and analysis technology is provided by modern vision AI incorporated within the software. Users can transfer objects straight to their workspace with the use of ClipDrop’s on-time connection with external app or websites. Users can capture and save an unlimited amount of data on the cloud thanks to the unlimited cloud storage supplied by the same company.

You no longer require a photo studio if you are taking product photos. Simply aim and shoot. Even better, you may drag and drop clips from your Windows or Mac desktop into any software of your choice. With the plugin for Adobe Photoshop, you can import editable masks with the current version. The first 10 clips on the app are free, and there is a subscription plan you may use to continue using it for your professional work. accessible on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.


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