Google Lens is best described as a search engine for the real world.

Google Lens is an AI-powered technology accessing AR innovation and smartphone camera tools to detect objects and bring more information into your everyday world. Lens has actually been around for a while now (since 1027), but people are still discovering the potential today. Here’s what you need to know about Google Lens.

At a time when many of us were still confused of what augmented reality actually was, Google Lens entered the AR and AI landscapes. This was one of Google’s most significant announcements in 2017. The Google Lens app, which debuted at the same time as the Google Pixel, quickly became popular among Android users and was present on most of their gadgets. Any smartphone with a camera and the necessary technologies will work. Once you’ve directed your camera phone at an object, you may ask the Google Assistant to define it.
In addition to definitions, Google Lens can provide other information. The SSID sticker on your Wi-Fi router can be photographed to instantly join your device to a Wi-Fi network. Additionally, automatic object recognition is an option. To send a thumbs-up emoji in conversation, for instance, you could scan your hand. Features include:
  • Live translate – offline and online
  • Smart text selection to copy text to your phone
  • Smart text search so you can use Google to search for something you scan
  • Shopping – scan a product and have Google find a place to buy it
  • Google homework questions
  • Search around you – identify your surroundings and landmarks
  • Google define – to identify specific images and objects

The app’s augmented reality component is the device’s capacity to add details to the image you’re viewing. For instance, your phone camera will let you highlight the text you wish to copy if you scan a piece of paper in real-time. With your camera, you may instantly change a section of a foreign language on a wall or page in a book, altering what you view through your phone. While you are scanning issues, you can also access homework assistance on your phone.

Google Lens is a fantastic insight into what we can accomplish by augmenting our reality. The app, available as a standalone download for both Android and IOS ,can make the world around you more immersive and accessible in a matter of seconds.

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