Arion Long is CEO at a hi-tech feminine care company Femly

Femly is a hi-tech personal care company that provides healthy and eco-friendly menstruation products and aims to end period poverty.
Some people go through their entire lives without disrupting the status quo, and then you come across a unicorn who started college at 15 years old, decoded the genetic makeup of anthrax by 17, and disrupted a multi- billion dollar feminine care industry before 30.
Arion Long is the self-proclaimed “Chief Estrogen Officer” at Femly, a hi-tech feminine care company that she started after being diagnosed with a cervical tumor linked to additives in popular products. Femly increases access to natural and organic hygiene products through working with organizations and sells both products and a proprietary dispenser to help to end “period poverty.”
When I started Femly, I was living at home with my entire family. At the time, I was working full-time with a healthcare organization and was having the heaviest periods of my life. Leaking through outfits while at work, or having my period for 10 days or more was my norm, but yet, I couldn’t seem to get a doctor to take my complaints seriously. After being prescribed birth control, and having horrible side effects, I decided to take my chances with one last Obgyn. At my first visit I felt heard for the first time ever, and was notified that I had an abnormal growth that would need to be surgically removed. The same doctor that was willing to listen to me and dig deeper to find my issue also told me about the chemicals hiding in the pads and tampons that I was using. I instantly knew that I needed to go organic, but I couldn’t find a pad that was leak-free and comfortable.
says Arion Long.
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