YouTube Shorts makes heritage fun with #MadeinMzansi campaign

YouTube unveiled a bold new campaign which challenges young creators to showcase the best of South Africa via YouTube Shorts. The objective of the project is to celebrate culturally relevant moments – Heritage Day and engage with South Africans.

The campaign is led by six of the country’s most beloved young creators- who will be sharing what it means to be #MadeinMzansi. The six were revealed at an event held in Johannesburg today to launch the month-long campaign and include Lasizwe Dambuza, Hit Za, Shawnee Reid, Troy Shepherds, Khanyisa and MikeyT07.

YouTube lead for Southern Africa, Zeph Masote said:

“Whether it be language, culture, or artistic expression, South Africa is a beautifully diverse place, and we all have our own stories to tell. YouTube has always been a place where people come together to learn, explore and understand each other and YouTube Shorts offers all this in short format, with an added dose of fun.”

“YouTube Shorts record an average of 30 billion daily views, making it the perfect platform for South Africans to celebrate their heritage, but also to share it with the world,”

Masote said.

“Our country has been through a lot over the years, having experienced things like colonialism and apartheid. It is time that we start celebrating our diversity and uniqueness, by not only embracing each other’s cultures, but learning from all of them. This campaign is a good platform for young South Africans to speak about their heritage and define what it means for them”

Influencer, LaSizwe said.

To participate in the challenge, share your version of #MadeinMzansi, whether it be your drip, your favorite South African flavours, your unique dance moves, or a joke that only South Africans would understand to YouTube Shorts along with the #MadeinMzansi #shorts hashtag.

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