Regrow Ag is thrilled to announce a $38M Series B fund

Regrow Ag is thrilled to announce a $38M Series B led by Veery Maxwell at Galvanize Climate Solutions and with the participation of climate-aligned investors Rethink Impact and TIME Ventures of Marc Benioff.

When the company officially announced the creation of Regrow Ag in February last year, after the merger of two companies leading in their respective fields (agronomic decision support for FluroSat and soil carbon modeling for Dagan), it is with great enthusiasm that the market received the news!

For our teams, partners, and investors this was a leap of faith. We put our career’s work on the line to try to create what everyone knows needs to be created – a way to make agriculture part of the solution to the climate crisis. Regrow makes it possible through an independent, scalable, and rigorous platform connecting ecosystem benefits generated on the farm to supply chains incentives. We enable farmers to get paid and corporations to decarbonize.

The company says.

Why is this critical? Because soil carbon must be on the list of go-to climate solutions.

Not just for agriculture and the food industry. For the ecosystem, for clean water and air, for biodiversity.

We want to thank our partners and customers for their leadership in setting ambitious net-zero goals, commitment to developing robust ecosystem markets, and implementing regenerative agriculture programs to help make agriculture part of the solution. We want to thank the market developers, non-profits, and partner solution providers who prioritize rigor and help to set the soil carbon markets to be on the trajectory of the “race to the top”. We strongly believe that with the right focus our combined effort will create a world where farmers are fairly compensated for their stewardship of the land, and the nutrition needs of the growing population are met in a way that is sustainable for our planet.

They add.

Over the next year, the Regrow team is looking to invest in their platform to deepen the reach of customer programs in key food-producing regions across the globe while connecting more farmers to the benefits of regenerative agriculture and the revenue streams it provides.

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