Huawei Unveils the Green Sky Program and Its Goals

At Huawei’s annual Global Analyst Summit (HAS) this year, President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit, Eric Zhao, delivered a keynote speech titled “Green Sky Program — Green Innovations of Antennas”.

In this speech, he revealed that Huawei plans to release the Green Sky White Paper. He shared the goals and key directions of Huawei’s green innovations of antennas, adding that the aim is to advance antenna innovation, to promote green growth of the entire ICT industry.

Of all green innovations, those of wireless networks are the most talked about in the communications industry currently. The green innovations of wireless networks must be from end to end. As an integral component of a wireless network, antennas play an increasingly important role in saving network energy and simplifying network deployment. Huawei’s Green Sky Program is a set of medium- to long-term action plans for antenna innovation. It marks an industry milestone by clearly setting out the goals and directions of antennas’ green innovation, and will be a valuable reference for green development of the industry at large.

Zhao emphasized that antennas’ green innovation should both create network value and fulfill social responsibility. With this in mind, he unveiled the three goals of the Green Sky Program Huawei hopes to achieve by 2025:

  • Energy saving: Improving 40% overall energy efficiency for the antenna & feeder system to reduce RF power consumption without compromising network performance.
  • Green deployment: Halving the number of boxes per frequency band by building antenna capabilities to integrate tower-mounted devices, and enabling smooth evolution of antennas to avoid repeated reconstruction through modular and reconfigurable capabilities.
  • Green manufacturing: Bringing down resource consumption through innovative architectures and processes to reduce production energy consumption, and eliminating electroplating, soldering, plastics, and PCBs to minimize the environmental impact.

Eric Zhao concluded,

“Green and low-carbon growth is a shared goal of the industry, and building green networks has become a solid metric for operators. With our Green Sky Program, Huawei is devoted to upgrading our antenna architecture, technology, and form through continuous innovation. Our vision is to help operators build efficient and green networks, and safeguard the sustainability of the communications industry.”

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