Vivian Nwakah is the founder of pharmaceutical technology company MEDSAF

Vivian Nwakah is the CEO of Medsaf. She is a serial entrepreneur and strategist that has created and innovated around execution in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and energy space. She is an award-winning Founder having received recognition from Forbes, the British Royal Family, Women in Africa, Seedstars and many more, as a high impact entrepreneur.

She brings an innovative approach learned from earlier moments in her career. She has won a myriad of awards for being a leader in sales. She was one of the youngest in her region to manage a multimillion dollar per year Wells Fargo Mortgage branch.

Also, she led a political campaign in Chicago’s south side and gained endorsements and funding from powerful unions. She has been covered in Reuters, CNN, Forbes, Financial Times, and AFP. Vivian attended University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a BA in Psychology and Sociology. She also attended the Global Partners program and studied business in the United States, France, and Brazil.

MEDSAF is a Nigerian one-stop shop for healthcare stakeholders to purchase, manage, and track medications in complicated supply chains.

MEDSAF is the premiere pharmaceutical technology provider of genuine and authentic medications.

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