Sterkla is a mobile app developed to make coaching accessible

Sterkla, a mobile app developed to make coaching more accessible to those who need it, launched in 2018, Sterkla connects qualified and experienced coaches with people looking for professional support in various areas of their lives, be it health and wellness, leadership, parenting, business, addiction, spiritual, relationships, retirement and more.

The company is on a mission to make coaching accessible to every person on the planet, and so create a global movement of conscious awakening.

Sterkla believes that every single person has their own unique gift, but often this gift is smothered under layers of limiting conditioning or are diamonds in the rough.

Sterkla, (pronounced Stir-kler), is a derivative and blend between the Norwegian word for strength – Styrke and the Zulu word for strength – Amandla.

Gavin and Rex Lund, the co-founders of Sterkla, are of Norwegian decent and spent their childhood in the Southern Drakensberg (South Africa) growing up with the Zulu’s. Sterkla is a platform to help you strengthen all areas of your life.

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