Test out the beta version of the Showmax app for Android

The beta version of the Showmax app for Android is an official testing channel in the Google Play store, where about-to-be-released versions of the app are available for eager subscribers shortly before they are generally available as a regular update.

Don’t worry – the beta version only offers stable updates that are ready to be released as regular updates later on. Those who download the beta version of the app shouldn’t experience instability, because there is only one final step to be completed before the updates roll out to all users – for the updates to be verified on a larger scale of devices. That’s where the subscribers with the beta version come in.

Plus, subscribers can sign off from the testing channel at any point, and will get the updates in the regular version of the app in a few days’ time, when the updates are rolled out to all subscribers.

How to join the beta channel

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