Meet the developer behind Imaginarie App Elena Czubiak

Elena Czubiak creates web experiences that are thoughtfully designed for everyone involved—from intuitive interfaces for users, easy-to-read code for teammates, and clear priorities for business managers.

Elena’s primary project is her app Imaginarie, but she is also available for freelance work. In her previous career, Czubiak worked at Google solving user issues with empathy, communication, and gorgeous spreadsheets.

She quit her day job in 2018 to start her own business and hasn’t looked back since.

When describing herself, Elena said,

I’m based in beautiful Berkeley, CA where you can find me adding to my fun fact repertoire with a constant stream of podcasts and cooking over-complicated dinners.

Imaginarie App

Imaginarie is a fun, imagination-focused meditation app, available on the App Store & Google Play. It’s a hybrid mobile app built mostly in Vue, with custom Java and Swift code for key features like audio playback and subscriptions.

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