1Life, LifeQ and Samsung SA launch Covid-19 screening app

1Life, together with LifeQ, using a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 device, have launched a first-in-SA Covid-19 screening app.

It uses unique models derived from users’ biometric data to give them an indication of changes in their health, enabling consumers to take proactive precautions in the event of potential Covid-19 onset, which is essential as the country faces a potential 3rd wave of infections.

There is growing evidence1 for the use of biometrics in early detection of many physical conditions, and this Covid-19 solution is the first of many solutions that LifeQ plans to offer to consumers, athletes, and those with acute and chronic illness.

The LifeQ Covid-19 app2 can flag potential Covid-19 onset in an individual entering the dangerous 48-hour period of viral shedding before symptoms are experienced, which assists in slowing down the spread of Covid-19 and could prove to be very helpful in the pre-symptomatic detection of Covid-19 infection, encouraging individuals to isolate earlier rather than later.

The LifeQ Covid-19 screening app aims to help contain transmission of the virus by alerting individuals to possible infection prior to symptom onset through a combination of physiological monitoring combined with user feedback.

Changes in physiology, detected by LifeQ, using data from the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, alerts individuals to these changes and allows them to provide contextual feedback via a web-based app.

The app provides each person with a daily screening status to help guide their behaviour and interactions with others. This helps them make informed decisions around self-isolation and testing.

The app ensures users can monitor their status to provide an early indication of changes in health and possible Covid-19 infection. It provides a simple way to know how you are doing and if you might be progressing towards illness.

  • A green status signals that you are doing well, there appear to be no issues and you can continue with your day to day normally.
  • A yellow status signals that that you should be exercising caution, adjusting your behaviour and monitoring yourself for symptoms within the next 1-2 days.
  • A red status signals that you are unwell since you have either reported symptoms or a positive Covid-19 test within the app.

Disclaimer: It must be noted that the LifeQ Covid-19 screening app and supporting technology is not diagnostic and should not be used as an official diagnosis for Covid-19. All medical and testing protocols must be followed according to local government guidelines.

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