Eaton 5P Gen 2 UPS
Eaton 5P Gen 2 UPS

Eaton Unveils 5P Gen 2 UPS: Smart & Secure IT Power Solution

Eaton, an intelligent power management firm, has introduced the Eaton 5P Gen 2 UPS, a smaller and more efficient power solution for edge and information technology (IT) applications. This new product line, which provides more output, security, and control than any other device in its class, also supports fleet management, remote UPS settings, and remote firmware upgrades.

Smart and secure way to power IT environments

Up to 1350 W, or 22% more power than its predecessor and 33% more than similar models on the market, is what the 5P Gen 2 can achieve with its improved power potential. For protecting a variety of applications, this makes it perfect. Because of its clever design, which prioritizes vital equipment and maximizes battery life, it offers steady performance and energy savings.

This UPS model features Eaton ABM+ Advanced Battery Management technology, which extends battery life by up to 50% and allows for accurate battery life prediction and timely replacement alerts powered by machine learning. It also comes with hot-swappable batteries and an intuitive battery replacement wizard via a built-in graphical LCD.

Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM2) and Distributed IT Performance Management (DITPM) software allow for remote monitoring and management of IT infrastructure, including secure device configuration and firmware updates.

Jessica Masina, Field Product Marketing Manager at Eaton Africa, says, “The new Eaton 5P Gen 2 UPS offers superior output, security, and control compared to other devices in its category.” The Eaton 5P Gen 2 UPS, together with the cybersecure Gigabit Network Card (included in the Netpack versions), meets stringent cybersecurity standards. Additionally, Eaton’s Brightlayer Software Suite is available for seamless integration with virtualization environments, ensuring continuous service and data integrity. “Its intelligent design ensures both stable performance and energy savings,” says Masina.

Whether customers opt for the compact 1U rack or the tower option, the Eaton 5P Gen 2 UPS fits all space requirements, making it compatible with a variety of setups.

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