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New Samsung Galaxy Watch FE

Advanced Wellness Experience

With the goal of introducing a more advanced wellness experience to a larger market, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the Galaxy Watch FE, the newest model in its smartwatch series.

The Galaxy Watch FE blends state-of-the-art fitness and health tracking capabilities with cutting-edge hardware performance. Its sophisticated and robust design makes it ideal for people starting their wellness journey and provides a wealth of information.

“At Samsung, our goal is to bring health and fitness monitoring capabilities to as many people as possible, helping them make daily improvements to their wellness and achieve their goals,” said Junho Park, VP and Head of the Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re thrilled to introduce the Galaxy Watch FE to our wearables portfolio, offering personalized health insights that motivate and promote better health day and night.”

Style and Durability for Everyday Wellness

The redesigned 40mm Galaxy Watch FE, available in black and pink gold, draws inspiration from the classic Galaxy Watch line. Additionally, it comes with brand-new watch bands that have eye-catching orange and blue stitching that elevates any ensemble.

New customizable watch faces, and an easy-to-use one-click band switch are two further features of the Galaxy Watch FE. Sapphire crystal glass, which guards against daily scratches, gives the watch exceptional durability.

Enhancing Daily Health and Motivation

Equipped with Samsung’s cutting-edge BioActive Sensor, which offers a variety of wellness and exercise features along with tailored advice,. It has cutting-edge sleep capabilities to help create a sleep-friendly environment, track sleep patterns, and provide sleep coaching. By measuring their blood pressure and ECG, users can also keep an eye on their cardiac health.

With comprehensive running analysis to enhance efficiency and minimize injuries, the watch may be used for over 100 different types of exercises. Users can establish goals based on their physical capabilities with the use of the personalized heart rate zone tool.

With body composition tracking, the Galaxy Watch FE provides detailed body and fitness statistics along with progress indications. Throughout their road toward wellness, users are also sent inspirational messages.

Seamless Experiences within the Galaxy Ecosystem

With seamless connectivity with other Samsung Galaxy devices. The Find My Phone feature helps locate disconnected phones, and the Camera Controller allows users to control their smartphone camera remotely. Samsung Wallet support lets users pay for purchases and access ID cards directly from their smartwatch.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch FE will be available globally starting this June. For more information, please visit Samsung’s Galaxy Watch page (


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