ALX unveil a 500 000 USD scholarship initiative for youth

Founded by the acclaimed Afrobeats musician sensation Patoranking, the Patoranking Foundation, a beacon of hope for young African talent, has announced the launch of the Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarships, a key part of the organisation’s Sky Level Initiative.

In a monumental partnership with ALX Africa, a pioneer in innovative tech skills development for young African talent, the Foundation will offer scholarships totalling half a million dollars aiming to empower 40 exceptional young minds with access to cutting-edge technology education and career-ready training.

Over the past six years, the Patoranking Foundation has been steadfast in its commitment to nurturing a brighter future for Africa’s youth.

The Foundation’s commitment to research and advocacy has enabled promising young leaders to attend leading educational institutions under its Sky Level Initiative, regardless of their financial standing or background.

“South Africa is brimming with young, talented youths who are eager to harness the power of technology to transform their careers, their communities and the broader continent,”

says Divesh Sooka, General Manager at ALX South Africa.

“This partnership and the scholarship opportunities on offer will not only provide these young minds with the cutting-edge skills they need but will also foster a spirit of innovation and resilience that will help to address country’s significant youth unemployment rate and our digital future,”

he adds.

The goal of the Foundation is to positively impact the lives of one million African youths within the next ten years by equipping them with the necessary tools and opportunities to flourish, thereby contributing to Africa’s sustainable development.

Through its concerted efforts, the Foundation hopes to create a ripple effect of change, empowering the youth to become architects of their own futures and catalysts for progress within their communities.

Having triumphed over financial adversity, Patoranking leverages his influence to nurture entrepreneurial spirits ready to bring transformative change.

“Exceptional leaders and change-makers can emerge from any corner of our continent,”

says Patoranking, the visionary artist and philanthropist behind the initiative.

“Financial constraints should never be an obstacle for the next great African disruptor.”

“Today’s youth need to be ready for uncertainty; they must be agile and adaptable. Our focus at ALX is built on the belief in the importance of reimagining and redesigning skills training to meet the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). It’s critical that learnings models are geared towards developing tech leaders and innovators with the most in-demand hard and soft skills to solve real-world problems of the future,”

says Sooka.

The Foundation currently works with five schools in Ebonyi State, Nigeria, where Patoranking is originally from, supporting over 170 young people within primary and secondary schools and partnered with the African Leadership University in 2020 to give 10 promising young leaders across Africa to study at the University.

The collaboration with ALX Africa marks a new chapter in the Foundation’s mission. The program targets 40 resilient, driven, innovative, and mission-oriented students over the next year who have already made a significant impact within their communities.

These learners will have the opportunity to enrol in a broad variety and transformative technology programmes, ranging from coding, developing to data and Salesforce Administration, thereby empowering them with the skills needed to thrive in the digital era.

Beyond the classroom, the top learners will have the opportunity to undertake internships with some of the leading tech partners of the Foundation.

This hands-on experience promises to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application, preparing the scholars to become the next pioneers in technology.

The Patoranking Foundation and ALX Africa invite all eligible and aspiring tech enthusiasts to apply for this unique scholarship opportunity.

Together, we can cultivate a generation of tech giants who will lead South Africa and the continent’s digital revolution.

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