Ayoba Gaming Hackathon Celebrates African Creativity and Innovation

Meet the Winners!

The Ayoba Gaming Hackathon, themed “A Localized African Adventure,” recently concluded with an outpouring of talent, creativity, and innovation from game developers across Africa. The event, which aimed to promote African culture, accessibility, and digital trends, provided a platform for participants to showcase their skills and create captivating games for African audiences. With an impressive prize pool of R200,000 ($11,000) and access to mentors for further development, the Ayoba Gaming Hackathon offered an exciting opportunity for aspiring game developers. Let’s dive into the winners and their remarkable creations.

Last Minute Digital:

A Thrilling Survival Adventure in the Shadows of Loadshedding Taking home the coveted first-place prize of R100,000, Last Minute Digital impressed the judges with their game’s unique concept. This top-down shooter adventure challenges players to survive in a world plagued by load-shedding, where monsters lurk in the cover of darkness. Players control an avatar using a simple swipe of the thumb across the screen, adding an intuitive and immersive element to the gameplay. Last Minute Digital demonstrated exceptional creativity and showcased the potential of incorporating African challenges into gaming narratives.

Pineapple On Pizza Studio:

Braai-Themed Fun in a Top-Down Shooter Pineapple On Pizza Studio secured the second position, earning R60,000 for their captivating creation. Their game revolves around a Braai-themed top-down shooter, offering players an exciting journey through various localized settings. Although currently a single-level proof of concept demo, Pineapple On Pizza Studio’s game promises an engaging and enjoyable experience. The team showcased their ability to infuse African elements into a classic gaming genre, adding a touch of local flavor to their creation.


Atrybute Graphics:

Unleashing African Mythology in Herbanetics Taking the third spot, Autrybute Graphics amazed the judges with their game titled “Herbanetics,” earning them a prize of R40,000. In this enchanting role-playing game, players embark on a journey of embracing their roots while battling iconic mythical spirits. Autrybute Graphics seamlessly combines elements of herbalism and genetics, creating a crowd-control power fantasy inspired by African mythology. Their game offers an immersive experience that brings African folklore to life, captivating gamers with its rich narrative and engaging gameplay.

The Ayoba Gaming Hackathon has successfully encouraged African game developers to showcase their talent and creativity while incorporating local culture and challenges into their creations. The top three winners, Last Minute Digital, Pineapple On Pizza Studio, and Autrybute Graphics, exemplified the diversity and ingenuity of African game development. Their remarkable games not only entertained the judges but also offered a unique perspective on African experiences, shedding light on the vibrant gaming industry on the continent. Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding contributions and a special congratulations to the winners who took home a share of the R200,000 prize pool. The Ayoba Gaming Hackathon has undoubtedly paved the way for the next wave of African game development, and we eagerly await the future innovations that will emerge from this talented community.

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