Dr. LaVonda Brown is the founder and CEO of EyeGage

Dr. LaVonda Brown is the founder and CEO of EyeGage. She has an MS and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech, as well as an MBA from the Scheller College of Business.

Her expertise lies in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and eye-analysis technologies. She has developed a robotic engagement model based on user eye gaze and pupil size (dilation and constriction).

This engagement model has been applied to both math education and physical therapy to improve learning outcomes. Dr. Brown has also developed an eye-analysis system to validate eye tracking as a viable biomarker for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

For this system, she developed machine learning algorithms to model and classify patients as healthy or MCI/AD based on their eye data. Over the past decade, the robotic engagement model and eye-analysis software has been published, patented, and licensed for commercial use.

After living with a loved one with an alcohol addiction, Dr. Brown has now applied the aforementioned eye-analysis techniques to individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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