MedTrans Go is a B2B healthcare appointment optimization marketplace

Dr. Obi Ugwonali identified a problem in the delivery of efficient healthcare. Standing in the operating room one morning, he was all set to perform two procedures – his team was assembled, including nurses, assistants, and anesthesiologists – everyone was ready to go, except his patients never showed up. Not only was this a costly blow to the staff and the surgical center, but to the patients who needed the care and simply couldn’t find a way to safely get to their appointments.

After recognizing the depth of need of addressing the $150B problem of medical appointment cancellations across the US, Dr. Ugwonali and his co-founder, Dana Weeks, developed a solution: MedTrans Go. They assembled the best new technologies and the best practices of the most successful institutions in order to create the most personal patient experience in the country and reduce appointment cancellations and the burden they place on healthcare providers and their patients.

MedTrans Go aims to solve the problem of medical appointment cancellations by providing non-emergency medical transportation, interpretation, home health care, delivery services, and more in one simple interface.

Their team uses technology and a deep knowledge of healthcare principles to provide these vital services, reducing cancellations and improving patient access to care. Safety and reliability are held above all considerations.

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