Friendspire is your BFF when it comes to finding what to watch, read or listen to.

It is time to forget the cliche that video editing has a steep learning curve

How often do you have difficulties finding reliable advice on what to watch? There are boatloads of review services accessible online, however, the most popular ones have an overwhelming number of reviews made by anonymous people who don’t really know what you’re searching for. Luckily, there’s an app called Friendspire, that has tackled this very issue, by making its reviews more social and user-friendly. Friendspire is your BFF when it comes to finding what to watch, read or listen to. This robust app allows you to find great movies, series, books, and podcasts, based on suggestions given by your friends, family, and loved ones.

Let us have a detailed look into the app and its services.


The app has a simple and interactive user interface that is quite user-friendly. Anyone can simply use the platform to get better recommendations on books, movies, TV shows, etc. The interface has four core elements: Movies, TV shows, Books, and Podcasts All the categories are easy to access, and just one click away. So let us have a detailed look at these categories.

1. Movies

Say goodbye to endless scrolling on different OTTplatforms to search for your next movie. With Friendspire in your hands, you can filter the movies according to the genre and get the latest recommendations that are trending. To add to that, you can explore different segments like the popular list, and best movie list to get the best reviews and decide your next movie.

2. TV Shows

if you are trying to decide on the next TV show to binge-watch? Worry not. Friendspire has got your back. Here you can filter the content according to different genres. There are loads of genres available on the platform which you can explore. In addition, you can explore different lists like popular lists, trending now, and best-rated shows to feed your hunger for entertainment. From the latest series on the internet to classic soap-opera hits, you can get information on anything before deciding on the next web series.

3. Podcasts

The podcast trend is booming, so if you are ready to ride this tide, then Friendspire is the best app to get relevant information. Other than pre-defined genres, you can explore different lists to get detailed information on the latest podcasts. You can save your favorite podcasts and make a personalized list according to your taste. You can get better recommendations from experts around the world and even share your lists with the Friendspire community

4. Books

If you a book lover and looking for an easy way to get detailed information and reviews on books without going through any unnecessary hassle? look no further, use the Friendspire platform. The app contains reviews on loads of books. You can get reviews of the critics and other useful information on them and decide your next read. On top of that, you can search for your favorite book by exploring different pre-defined genres. You can even save the book you like by clicking the ‘plus’ icon and creating your personalized list. You can also explore the pre-defined lists to get in touch with the latest trends.

Friendspire  is available for both iOS and Android devices



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