Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book2 Pro series redefines standards for computing

At a time when laptop flexibility and performance are more important than ever, Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book2 Pro series redefines the standards for next-level lightweight computing, offering consumers a versatile laptop that is both powerfully fast and powerfully secure.

Fast, Easy Sharing

Many of us count on PCs to store our most cherished memories. With the Galaxy Book2 Pro series, sharing those memories is easier and faster than ever. Using Quick Share, Galaxy Devices users can wirelessly send photos, videos, documents and more without limitations on the size or number of files.

Share With Peace of Mind at Work and School

For times when you need to share sensitive files like work reports or school assignments, Private Share on the Galaxy Book2 Pro series provides advanced security based on blockchain technology.

Your data belongs to you, and Private Share helps keep it that way by encrypting your files and setting strict permissions on who can view or re-share them. Private Share lets you share 20 files, totaling 100MB, with five people at a time. Send text files, photos, videos and even PDFs all with peace of mind.

To get started, open the Private Share app and carefully look over the required permissions before choosing the files you want to share. Once you’ve chosen the files, you can decide who gets access, what they can do with your files, and how long they can access them for. You can even revoke access to the files after you’ve shared them if you change your mind or decide the person no longer needs access. Private Share will then encrypt your files before you send them, so you don’t have to worry about third parties gaining access. Advanced security measures in Private Share also protect your files from being saved, screen captured or re-shared by the recipient.


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