Folayemi Agusto is the co-founder of

Folayemi Agusto is the CEO and a co-founder of, a self-service ticketing platform for event organisers to list, manage, and collect payment for live and virtual events.

In 2017, the founders Nosa Oyegun and Folayemi organised their 3rd EatDrinkFestival and things didn’t go very well. There were tens of thousands of people and they didn’t have a single piece of data about any one of them. Then, the poor network made making payments for food and drink an extreme sport. They decided they never wanted to have such a poorly organised event ever again so Nosa reached out to Timi with the idea to build Tix.

Tix gives event creators the tools they need to build beautiful experiences. Their products integrate ticketing, admissions, payment technology, virtual venues, and promotion and audience engagement tools to simplify operations and drive sales for event creators.

They believe that by building the best suite of tools for event creators, Tix will power the world’s best events and improve attendees’ event experiences.

Folayemi Agusto a self-taught user interface designer, a passionate event organiser, and co-founder of Eat Drink Lagos.

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