Nigerian Tech Startup Metro Africa Express (MAX) Is Solving Mobility Issues

Beyond solving the mobility challenges in Africa, Nigerian tech startup Metro Africa Express (MAX) are driven by a dedication to heal the planet and make the environment greener by reducing carbon emission that goes into the earth’s atmosphere.

To this effect, they are pioneering Electric Vehicles in Africa as an eco-friendly and equally effective means of mobility.

Their work with transport operators in the informal sector delivers increased income generation, financial inclusion, access to high-quality vehicles, training, support services, insurance, healthcare, emergency response and other value-added services all aimed at empowering them.

MAX has gone down in the record books as the First to harness energy demand uptake for mobility in Africa and the First to power clean-energy transportation technology in Africa.

Today, max is backed by highly credible global investors including Novastar Ventures, Yamaha, Mastercard, Goodwell Investments, Alitheia Capital, Techstars and Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

Our story started in 2015 but is still being written by millions of people all over the world because of our positive impact. For over 5 years, we have been utilizing technology to power smooth mobility, financial services and EV infrastructure in Africa.

We are set to aggregate, structure, and formalize the fragmented informal mobility market across Africa. We leverage strategic alliances with manufacturers and service providers; partnerships with driver communities and governments, low-cost credit, discounted insurance, and a mobile marketplace to ensure driver and customer retention.

By providing drivers with access to our digital transport platform and affordable vehicle financing and services, we increase average driver earnings to $12 daily (+65% compared to their informal sector counterparts), and up to $15 per day once they gain full ownership of their asset.

As advocates for a greener planet, we are leading the transition to sustainable and environmental-friendly mobility through the deployment of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and batteries across the board to support the transition.

– MAX.

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