Co-founder Tim Treagus speaks on how AI-BO is set to disrupt the market research landscape

AI-BO is a research platform that allows businesses to survey their targeted audience through WhatsApp. Its aim is to democratize research by delivering insights and survey data to small businesses in just 2 – 3 days. AI-BO was founded in April in collaboration with The Delta, a local venture builder. At its core, AI-BO’s mission is to help lower the barriers to entry for SA’s startup ecosystem when validating business and product ideas.
WhatsApp is the most popular app in South Africa, with 58% of mobile phone owners using the app. Because their surveys run through WhatsApp, AI-BO quickly and easily reaches a diverse and large audience – which is really only accessible on a messaging platform like this.
Survey participants are rewarded with airtime after answering surveys. This means any consumer with a smartphone and internet connection can access gig-economy income-earning opportunities, all from the comfort of their most-frequented app – WhatsApp.
AI-BO intends to grow into a platform business, building out the audience and micro-job ecosystem. The company is already piloting new product streams, such as lead generation, marketing and brand exposure, event-based surveys, and social media micro-influencer recruitment. This will help bring businesses closer to the customer and create more income-earning opportunities for South Africans.
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