Hello Africa Travel is accelerating the next generation of African travel

Hello Africa Travel is an online platform for customers to plan and book African travel. They work with local guides and operators to offer anything from staycations to multiday trips; expert led experiences to entrance tickets to attractions that customers love, from major African cities to off the beaten path.

The world of travel is consistently changing, and with the impact of COVID-19, travel businesses need to be more innovative and digitally connected.

Hello Africa Travel offer a wide range of digital marketing, consulting and training services to the tourism and hospitality industry.

With travellers searching and buying travel packages online, it’s important for travel businesses learn how to market their products online. The company’s vision is to train and upskill 10 000 travel businesses across the continent by 2025.

Hello Africa Travel provides unrivalled support to operators and destinations — The company drives real bookings, handle payments and provide unique marketing solutions to help  brands and products reach more customers.

The company is founded by Gugulethu Kheswa who is an experienced Digital Strategist and Digital Skills Trainer as well as Trevor Chomumwe who is an avid African traveller. With a background in marketing, advertising and research.

Check out https://www.helloafricatravel.com/ for more information.

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