Emergency Response Africa is changing medical emergencies in Africa

Emergency Response Africa (ERA) is a healthcare technology company that is changing how medical emergencies are managed in Africa, beginning in Nigeria.

By combining training, technology, and transportation, the startup is creating a scalable emergency medical services system.

ERA is building the largest network of First Responders, emergency response vehicles, and verified Emergency-Ready hospitals across Nigeria who are connected to emergency victims using their technology application.

This end-to-end subscription service ensures that in any medical emergency, ERA delivers the right level of care at the scene, and if needed, the patient is transferred to the most appropriate hospital for prompt treatment.

The ERA subscribers include insurers, corporate and community organizations, individuals, and families. Their subscribers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing emergency help is just around the corner.

Emergency Response Africa is founded by Folake Owodunni and Maame Poku.

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