StokFella app to administer the new Shesha Truck Stokvel business

A new stokvel was launched recently to take advantage of the opportunities available within logistics. Shesha Truck Stokvel is the vehicle that will be used to enter this industry and take advantage of the vast opportunities available in the logistics sector.

Logistics is the movement of goods to customers through air, sea, road or rail transportation. In South Africa, 80% of goods move through roads, which makes trucking one of the most used means of goods transportation. There are plenty of opportunities within this sector.

Some of these opportunities are:

Mining – Transporting goods within the mines as well as long distance;
Construction – Transporting sand and rubble;
Retail – Transporting goods to warehouses and retail shops (food and clothing);
Ports – Transporting containers (empty or full);
Oil – Transporting fuel;
Auto – Transporting vehicles;
Other – Specific transportation requests such as moving houses etc.

The Stokvel is an innovative way to grant more people access to opportunities in industries and sectors that would be inaccessible as individuals but collectively would become a reality.

The logistics industry is a key sector in our economy as goods are always on the move. Shesha Truck Stokvel has decided to enter this industry which is a way of enabling more of us to participate in these kinds of opportunities.

Through Shesha Truck Stokvel, the power of the collective will be used in order to raise the funds that are required to purchase the trucks.

The Stokvel will be under the management of Namasina Zulu who is an entrepreneur and runs a successful business that operates in the construction, trucking, mining and export sectors.

Pearson Maake will also form part of the executive team; he is an experienced Sales and Marketing guru.

The Stokvel has been set up in order to fund the purchase of trucks and aims to raise at least R1,2 million every 3 to 4 months. These funds will then be used to acquire one truck and cover some of the start up and operating costs of the business.

The minimum contribution is R10 000 which can be paid as a lump sum or in monthly contributions of R2 500. There is also a non-refundable joining-fee of R200. Members may also opt to contribute more than the minimum required amount if they so wish.

Shesha Truck Stokvel will be administered on the award-winning StokFella app. To join this movement, you would need to log into StokFella and search for Shesha Truck Stokvel then request to join.

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