Ever heard of the online club savings company StokFella?

StokFella is a secured online Club Savings Account that makes it easier for stokvels to manage their admin, monthly payments and claims on the website using their mobile phones or downloading the app.

Stokvels are an important part of Mzansi lifestyle as they bring friends, families and people with the same Money Goals together. Inspired by a South African informal savings culture of stokvels, societies and umshayelwano.

StokFella is an award-winning mobile app, it was named Best Financial Solution at the 2020 MTN Business App of the Year Awards.

The purpose is to put the power of informed financial management and financial decision making in the hands of the people by providing a world-class mobile phone app that allows peers to collectively set money goals, save, manage, communicate and be more efficient in growing their money.

We believe stokvels are the future vehicles of financial freedom, fighting unemployment and building wealth amongst our people.

the company says.

Check them out here: https://www.stokfella.mobi/signup.html

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