Runnovate is on a mission to create online work for Kenya youth

Runnovate is a social enterprise on a mission to provide online work opportunities for the youth in Kenya. The company offers free digital skills and virtual assistant training sessions every month.

Graduates join their virtual assistant teams and work with entrepreneurs looking for remote administrative, technical and/or creative support.

Businesses that work with Runnovate contribute to the company’s social mission by creating online work opportunities for the youth and enabling them to continue providing free digital skills training.

The future of work is remote! The pandemic has even accelerated the pace at which people are adapting to remote working. More people are spending more time away from the office than ever before. And it has been proven that working remotely has been more productive than the traditional working environment.

Since it’s a whole new thing for a lot of people, working remotely can be a bit challenging at first. Runnovate, has gained innumerable lessons on the practices of working with a remote team.

One thing I liked was Runnovate’s clear, no-fluff approach to getting things done. I needed to conduct research in a particular sector and got the information I needed quickly and well organized. My virtual assistant, Hellen, was also very responsive throughout.

As a part-time founder, I’ve got a long list of priorities to keep my startup going. I’m always going to be a salesman, a marketer and a product developer first — which means that the back-end tasks are after-midnight tasks. If I can avoid them to buy back some time for myself, I would. Being able to outsource a temporary task to Runnovate (without having to search or hire someone) has helped to save me time and one less thing to worry about. I’d definitely rely on Runnovate again.

says Tessa, Founder of Brainchild.

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