Local tech startup 3DIMO helps farmers detect diseases in livestock

3DIMO is pioneering the use of novel connected technology and data-driven approaches to enable early detection of health risks among farm livestock.

The company’s vision is to empower farmers globally with data insights that will help them in monitoring livestock health and welfare.

3DIMO provides tech through the provision of globally traceable animal biometric identity and use of infra-red precision livestock imagery to provide actionable insights and connect farmers with their livestock and give them convenient livestock management tools.


1. Sign up to use Thola-ID web-app

2. Take pictures of animal’s muzzle (nose)

3. Upload 3 pictures of each animal’s muzzle (nose) in-app

4. Add animal data – weight, age, gender, breed, etc.

5. Get animal I.D and QR code to put on animal tag

6. Get daily livestock insights – such as stock valuation and stock performance

For more information check out the official 3DIMO website: https://www.3d-imo.com/

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