Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio With Cuppy This Sunday With Ckay

Nigerian singer CKay is this week’s cover star, and joins Cuppy via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest track, “Felony.”

He also discusses his new EP, ‘Boyfriend,’ a personal “diary” which tells the story of past relationships; being hands-on; and the impact of his oft-remixed 2019 single, “Love Nwatiti.”

Ckay on title of EP ‘Boyfriend’

“So the EP is like a diary. It’s basically me just literally talking about stuff that happened to me or capturing exact moments and feelings in my past relationships. So if I’m telling you a story or reading my diary to you, it’s basically me telling you my experiences as the boyfriend in the relationship.”

Ckay on his hands-on approach to his work

Cuppy: “Oh, my gosh. You guys, my listeners need to go and check out her artwork because it’s amazing, and then you have that number plate with ‘boyfriend’ on the back.”

Ckay: “I designed it myself, actually, the artwork.”

Cuppy: “Oh. Not, you being the artist, the instrumentalist, the producer, the songwriter, the graph… Is there anything you don’t do?”

Ckay: “I’m not the best dancer. Maybe when they were sharing dancing skills I wasn’t around.”

Ckay on the success of “Love Nwatiti”

Ckay: “Crazy story how that song [“Love Nwatiti”] happened, man. I literally freestyled that song in my living room. Right?”

Cuppy: “No way.”

Ckay: “At 1:00 AM just before I slept. The plan was to come back in the morning and the chorus… Sometimes, when I record, I just lay melodies, then put words to them later. So I was like, [sings] ‘I’m going to put words to it in the morning.’ We all realized that, yo, this is actually perfect the way it is, so that’s how that song happened. It’s so crazy that that song went so crazy.”

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