Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio With Cuppy This Sunday With Joeboy

Nigerian singer-songwriter Joeboy is this week’s cover star, and joins Cuppy via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest track, “Focus.” He also discusses his debut album, Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic, his biggest inspirations and what he learned about himself during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Joeboy on the concept behind his debut album title

I remember the whole idea behind the album is love, love is beautiful and magical. So, we’re speaking, and I’m like, “Yo. I think we should name it ‘Beauty and magic.’ ” We’re like, “No, that’s just straightforward. Maybe ‘Somewhere between beauty and magic.’ ” And it kind of stuck. I think the album title is really, really catchy. Once you get that title, it just was like, “Yo, let me check this out. What this album was about?

Joeboy on ‘Becoming The African Pop Star’ documentary

Cuppy: A lot of my time last night at about 2:00 AM was spent watching Joeboy’s documentary on Apple Music, ‘Becoming the African Pop Star.’ I’m seeing people faint across the continent. Your fans are in love with you. Let me just tell you, Joeboy, don’t lie or feel yourself small. I see you getting all swagged up, getting fresh.
Joeboy: Yes, definitely. I think it comes with the, I’d say, the role I’m playing. I still make sure I treat everyone with respect. The fact that you are proud of yourself doesn’t mean that… I wouldn’t say proud in a negative way. I’m just proud of myself and the things that I’ve achieved.

Joeboy reveals which features will be on the deluxe version of his debut album

Cuppy: How come you have no credited features on the album?
Joeboy: I really, really wanted two of my favorite artists on the album, but I couldn’t get their verses on time. So by the time they submitted their verses, it was too late to actually add it to the album.
Cuppy: But you have to tell me, who are your two favorite artists?
Joeboy: Oh, okay. Part of my favorite artists are definitely Simi and WurlD.
Cuppy: Simi and WurlD, HABA! Listen, you know, it’s crazy, because Simi, WurlD and I were all on the same label, Platoon. Listen, Joeboy, you could have made something happen.
Joeboy: Yeah, but I made something happen. So the deluxe version is coming out in a couple of months, the deluxe version of the album. So those features are definitely going to be on it.
Cuppy: Perfect. Well, we’ll be here to receive it.


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