CliniDo Your Personalized Healthcare Companion

The energy at GITEX Africa 2024 was electric, and CliniDo, a leading health tech innovator, was right at the heart of it all. More than just showcasing their solutions, CliniDo actively participated as a semifinalist in the pitch competition.

Their passion for providing a premium and personalized healthcare experience for every patient was palpable, resonating with the event’s core mission.

But GITEX wasn’t just about the competition for CliniDo. It was a strategic opportunity to connect with a remarkable community – healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors who share a common vision: to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. Through insightful exchanges, inspiring collaborations, and the electrifying energy of a collective drive to push healthcare boundaries, GITEX catalyzed CliniDo. This experience only strengthens their resolve to keep innovating with their platform and empower patients to take charge of their health journeys.

More Than an App: A Trusted Healthcare Companion

CliniDo transcends the limitations of a typical healthcare app. They envision themselves as your trusted healthcare companion, offering unwavering support throughout your health journey. Whether you’re experiencing a new symptom or managing a chronic condition, CliniDo provides personalized and exceptional customer-focused solutions.

Founded in January 2020 in Assiut Egypt, by Wael Soliman, Mina Shawky, and Hitham Essam, CliniDo aims to be the ultimate healthcare companion, providing top-notch medical services in Egypt and the MENA.

Your Voice Heard: Instant Connection Through Voice Search

Imagine needing medical attention and simply voicing your needs. With CliniDo’s revolutionary voice search functionality, connecting with a healthcare provider takes mere seconds. Forget complex menus or frustrating typing – just speak your needs, and CliniDo will connect you to the right healthcare provider.

Here is an example of the Patient talking to the CliniDo App

Patient: CliniDo, I need to book a dentist in Heliopolis
CliniDo: Here are the best dentistes in Heliopolis

Furthermore, the patient could talk to the CliniDo App by getting interactive medical quizzes (

This innovative approach showcased at GITEX exemplifies CliniDo’s commitment to streamlining healthcare access.

Guiding You from Symptoms to Solutions: AI-Powered Support

CliniDo takes the guesswork out of your healthcare journey. Simply describe your symptoms to their AI-powered system, and it will recommend the most appropriate medical specialty for your needs. This ensures you receive the right care, right away – a testament to CliniDo’s commitment to efficiency and patient well-being, a theme that pervaded GITEX discussions.

Personalized Content Tailored to Your Needs

CliniDo ( doesn’t stop at connecting you with healthcare providers. Recognizing that knowledge empowers, they provide customized medical and educational content that aligns with your specific condition. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your healthcare journey, a concept that resonated strongly with the forward-thinking audience at GITEX.

A Complete Healthcare Ecosystem at Your Fingertips

CliniDo offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare services, all conveniently accessible through their platform. Here’s a glimpse into what attendees at GITEX found particularly exciting about CliniDo’s offerings:

  • Book appointments with doctors: Find the right doctor for your needs and schedule appointments in seconds.
  • Book clinic consultations: Schedule in-person consultations with your chosen healthcare provider.
  • Book home visits: Get the care you need from doctors or nurses from the comfort of your own home.
  • Book lab tests from home: No need to go to a lab. Order your tests and have them collected from your home.
  • Request Medication: Easily request your medication.
  • New! Book medical services: This exciting new Product allows you to directly book any medical service you require, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time.
  • Next: Bookings and Payment Solutions: CliniDo’s commitment to continuous innovation is clear. you will soon be able to book surgeries and procedures directly through CliniDo, with a convenient installment payment solution built into the platform.

Making a Measurable Impact

CliniDo’s dedication to patient care is reflected in their impressive achievements. They’ve proudly served over half a million patients, connected them with more than 11,000 doctors and healthcare providers, and facilitated over two million dollars in healthcare transactions. These numbers represent countless individuals who have received the care they need, thanks to CliniDo’s innovative platform. Their impact on the healthcare landscape was a clear highlight at GITEX.

CliniDo is a personal Healthcare Assistant

CliniDo is your personal Healthcare Assistant. At GITEX, Mina Shawky, CliniDo CEO, shared that

“CliniDo is your trusted friend for all healthcare needs. It empowers you with AI symptom analysis, doctor booking, and educational content for taking charge of your health journey”.

Join the Personalized Healthcare Revolution with CliniDo

CliniDo’s participation at GITEX Africa 2024 was a testament to their unwavering dedication to transforming healthcare. They believe that everyone deserves access to personalized, patient-centric care, and they’re constantly striving to make that a reality.

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