DigsConnect is South Africa’s largest student accommodation marketplace

It all started in 2018 at the peak of the student accommodation protests. Alexandria Procter, the boss lady, was sitting in her SRC office in the Steve Biko building at the University of Cape Town daydreaming about innovative ways to connect landlords who have empty beds and students who needed accommodation.

The solution she came up with? An excel spreadsheet.

She managed to convince Greg Keal to jump on board, and DigsConnect Version 1 was born.

Fast forward to 2021. They are now the largest platform connecting young people with the homes of their dreams on the African continent. They’ve connected more than 65 000 people on their platform.

The core value proposition hasn’t changed from day 1, it’s just more user-friendly. Landlords list their properties on their website, and young people visit the website to send an enquiry directly to the landlord.

We know that finding and renting out a home is about more than you can share in a little form on a website, so we’ve introduced Digs Chat directly linked to the booking form so that you can get to know each other before signing any documents.

Throughout our history it has remained totally free for landlords to list on our platform, charging a small service fee only when they are able to successfully place a student in their property.

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